Cruelty Times Three

(This is the first of a two-part article) Summer is starting to wind down, but the roads are still crowded with tourists from all parts of the country, not just the Northeast, and they’re here because of the wonderful advantages we have to offer- mountain views, seaside vistas, low density of population, (notwithstanding the occasional […]

Do Not Be a SAP!

Perhaps you’ve noticed there are a lot of acronyms being bandied about these days, probably because of the increase in the number of groups and organizations with fairly long names. In case you’re not sure what an acronym is, it’s a word formed from the initial letters of a group of words in a set […]

No Less Than What We Would Want For Ourselves

Sometimes, reading the news, one can get the impression that bad things happen somewhere else. Where you live isn’t that dangerous or chaotic, and while it’s not beyond improvement, at least it appears to be more or less under control. Indifference to life and overt cruelty are found in other places. Unfortunately, that’s not always […]

Hail and Farewell

Like a lot of people, I often begin my day by reading the news, most of which, unfortunately, isn’t new.   The locations change – it can be Newtown or Orlando or Dallas – and the victims can change – they can be children or LGBT persons, or policemen – and the choice of weapons […]

A Worthy Goal

One of the activities I enjoy best involves almost no activity at all. It’s sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping a large cup of coffee, (maybe even a second cup) and looking out the front, south-facing windows as the morning sun expands over a piece of the world I call home.   It’s an incomparable feeling […]

We Can Do Better!

  by guest blogger Monica Hooper  There’s something afoot that Mainers should know about. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is proposing a complete repeal and replacement of the Chapter 7 Rules and Regulations for Captive Wildlife. These new laws will provide for an in-depth classification of species in 3 categories of what cannot […]

A Sham in Augusta

  Being a public official is not always easy. One of the most difficult parts of the job (and here I can speak from a brief experience some years ago) is that accountability to the public is mandatory. You have to do it whether you like it or not, and often you don’t like it. […]

Memorial Day 2016

  What follows are six views of war, courage, remembrance and the burden of sacrifice throughout our country’s history, almost to the present age.    1.  “We were absolutely, literally starved. I do solemnly declare that I did not put a single morsel of victuals into my mouth for over four days and as many […]

The Power of Presence

Woody Allen once said that 95% of life is showing up. Like all humor, that comment has a basis in fact.   Two cases in point occurred recently, proving that those who show up have a much greater impact than those who don’t. As a result of a great deal of public support – i.e. people […]

Patriots Day

As this is being written, Patriots’ Day 2016 has been recently observed. The holiday has nothing to do with the football team of the same name, but considering how little some people learn about its origin, it might as well, and would not be out of place in our spectator sports culture. For others, it […]