The View From Here – An Introduction


What can the reader expect from this blog? As the title suggests, a fairly wide perspective, similar to the view one gets looking from a mountain top to a broad open valley below. In my experience and perhaps in yours as well, distance sometimes clarifies what may seem uncertain and confusing up close, suggesting perhaps that a blend of the two offers the best resolution.

Sound a little vague and possibly mysterious? So be it. Some of the topics I may write about include (but are not limited to) current concerns and issues, the rich legacy of past events that we file under “history’ and then forget or ignore, personal reminiscences that will probably strike a familiar chord, and occasional responses to opinions that need one. It will be a mixed bag which, in my view, is the best kind. Let’s open it together.


Don Loprieno

About Don Loprieno

Don Loprieno is a student of history and a published author.